How can I change my vehicle information?

This article explains how you can update your current vehicle information.

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  1. Click Vehicles on the left side of the page.
  2. Find the vehicle you want to update and click on Edit.
  3. You can edit the following 3 fields:

Ownership Type:

Here you can set whether your vehicles is a company vehicle or a personal vehicle. This is important so that you generate the correct type of reports

Autotrip Start Mileage:

If you use your own vehicle for business purposes you may need to enter your Autotrip start mileage. This is the business mileage you completed before joining Autotrip for that tax year. For your second year we will automatically calculate this for you. This value is important as it affects when you second MAP rate kicks in.

Odometer Reading:

You only need to enter this once, we will then automatically update it for you based on your mileage. You can think of this as a digital version of your vehicle's odometer. You can update this at anytime.