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How do I install my Autotrip device?

This is your step by step guide for the installation of your Autotrip mileage tracker.

1. Locate your OBD-II port

Your OBD-II port is usually located in the driver's footwell, above the pedals. You may need to open a panel to access it. If you are having trouble finding your port, try searching for your make and model online. You can also contact us and we would be happy to help you find it.

2. Insert your Autotrip device into the OBD-II port

Next, insert your device into the socket. The device should fit securely and should be difficult to remove when inserted correctly. If your port is in a difficult to reach location, please make use of our handy extender cable found in your welcome pack. Please ensure that the device and cable to not obstruct the driver's range of motion in any way.


3. Activate your Autotrip device

Finally, turn on your vehicle ignition, your device will take a couple of minutes to calibrate. When you see both LED lights flashing on your device it is ready to go, your trips will automatically start recording.

To view your trips, simply log in to your Autotrip account. If you need help creating a new account check out this article.