How does Autotrip speed up the claims process?

This article summarises how the Autotrip system speeds up and simplifies the mileage claims process.

Autotrip makes the whole claims approval process much faster and simpler. As a driver when you log into your account your trips will already be classified based on your work hours. You don't have to waste time trying to remember all your trips, you can trust that our system has recorded all your trips accurately.

Submit Mileage Claim

Instead of spending ages creating a manual spreadsheet and then emailing them to all the relevant people, simply cho0se your date range and press submit. Your manager or payroll will automatically receive this report in their Autotrip account which they can then review and approve. You can even add a forwarding address to get your report sent straight into your expensing system or your accounting software.

Our reports are HMRC compliant so we do all the necessary calculations for you. You can have peace of mind that you have submitted all the necessary information, to the right people, in a fraction of the time. The sooner you submit your report, the sooner you get reimbursed!