What different types of mileage reports can you create through Autotrip?

This article explains the three different mileage reports you can produce via the Autotrip app.

Autotrip allows you to generate three different types of mileage reports depending on your business needs. The different reports are our system can produce are:

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  • Business Mileage Claim (Company Vehicles):

When using a company car, the HMRC recommended rate (Advisory Fuel Rates) remains the same no matter how many miles are driven in one tax year. This rate is based on the fuel type and engine size of your vehicle.

  • Business Mileage Claim (Private Vehicle):

When using your own car for business purposes, the HMRC Approved Mileage Allowance Payment (AMAP) rate changes after you have driven 10,000 business miles in one tax year.

  • Private Mileage Deduction (Company Vehicle):

If you have a company vehicle and you use a fuel card, this report allows you to submit your personal mileage to your employer.