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What is a suggested trip?

This article explains what suggested trips are and how to manage them in your account.

A suggested trip can occur in low signal areas where the Autotrip GPS device was not able to get a reliable signal throughout your trip. These are more likely to occur in very short trips where your device may not be able to secure a signal before the end of the journey.

But don't worry we've got you covered! In order to fill in the gaps, we have a 'suggested trip' feature that automatically detects when a trip was missing or incomplete. Our system then generates the most likely route between the positive signal points on your trip.

When you have a suggested trip you will get two buttons on the trip, Confirm and Reject:

  1. If you click Confirm the trip will appear as normal in your list of trips. It will automatically be assigned as Personal so you will need to assign the correct trip type yourself.
  2. If you click Reject the trip it will disappear from your list. You can't undo it once you click reject so please be careful when rejecting suggested trips.