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Will my mileage reports be HMRC compliant?

This article describes how Autotrip generates HMRC compliant reports.

Yes! Our mileage reports are fully HMRC compliant.

You will have a detailed and accurate log of all your business trips.

Details include:

  • Start and End times
  • Date
  • Start and End addresses
  • Total mileage
  • A full map of your trip route
  • The ability to add notes to your journey to add a purpose
  • Assign a client to your trip
  • Upload any relevant documentation for your trips (e.g. fuel receipts)
  • Historical log of all of your mileage

Our system also updates the Advisory Fuel Rates based on your vehicle's fuel type and engine size. You are also able to fully customise your rates based on your business needs should you choose to. We accommodate for both private vehicles and company cars, business mileage claims and private mileage deductions. Whatever your business needs, Autotrip is here to help you automate your mileage claims.